Sugar Free Gift Box

All your favourite sugar free liquorice in one box; includes 150g bags of liquorice cats, liquorice diamonds, liquorice buttons, liquorice hearts and 3 natural liquorice root


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Liquorice Cats
Sugar-free liquorice sweetened with sweetener (maltitol).
sweetener (maltitol), corn starch, water, liquorice root extract, natural flavouring, water, vegetable oil (coco, rapeseed, in varying proportions), glazing agent.

Liquorice Diamonds
Sweeteners (maltitol), gelling agent: Arabic gum, modified starch, ammonium chloride*, liquorice extract, natural flavour, coconut oil, glazing agent, beeswax. Colour E150c

Liquorice Buttons
Sweetener: maltitol, modified starch, liquorice extract, ammonium chloride; flavourings, vegetable oil (palm). Glazing agent: beeswax.

Liquorice Hearts
Sugarfree liquorice sweetened with sweetener (maltitol).Sweetener: maltitol, Arabic gum, liquorice extract, ammonium chloride; flavours, vegetable oil (palm). Glazing agent: beeswax.

Natural Liquorice Root


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